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Konark Sun Temple Photo - Konark Sun temple History - The Konark Sun Temple is located in an eponymous village about 35 kilometers northeast of Puri and 60 kilometers southeast of Bhubaneswar on the Bay of Bengal coastline in the Indian state of Odisha.

The Konark Sun Temple was built from stone in the form of a giant ornamented chariot dedicated to the Sun god, Surya. In Hindu Vedic iconography Surya is represented as rising in the east and traveling rapidly across the sky in a chariot drawn by seven horses.
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Konark Sun Temple Photo, images, wallpaper - Konark Sun temple History - konark sury mandir
Konark Sun Temple images - photo, Konark sury Mandir
The temple plan includes all the traditional elements of a Hindu temple set on a square plan.

According to Kapila Vatsyayan, the ground plan, as well the layout of sculptures and reliefs, follow the square and circle geometry, forms found in Odisha temple design texts such as the Silpasarini. This mandala structure informs the plans of other Hindu temples in Odisha and elsewhere.

Konark Sun Temple Photo - Konark Sun temple History - Ancient Wheel, ancient history
Konark Sun Temple Ancient Wheel Photo
Konark Sun Temple is a 13th-century CE sun temple at Konark about 35 kilometers northeast from Puri on the coastline of Odisha, India. The temple is attributed to king Narasingha deva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty about 1250 CE.
Konark Sun Temple Photo - Ancient Konark Sun temple 

Ancient Konark Sun Temple Facts 

This temple was called the "Black Pagoda" in European sailor accounts as early as 1676 because its great tower appeared black.
Similarly, the Jagannath Temple in Puri was called the "White Pagoda". Both temples served as important landmarks for sailors in the Bay of Bengal.

Konark_Sun_Temple-stone-art - Konark Sun Temple Photo - Konark Sun temple History
In ancient times the worship of Sun god was in vogue and the people were accustomed to the worship of two Supreme deities--one mother Earth as " Dharitri Maata " and the other the Sun, the " Dharam devata ". Sun god is regarded as the supreme lord of the universe and the prime object of life-giving energy, being the healer of diseases and the bestower of desires.

The temple that exists today was partially restored by the conservation efforts of British India-era archaeological teams.

Konark Sun Temple Photo - Konark Sun temple History - stone art - ancient wheel art
Ancient Konark Sun Temple Photo 
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